Constitution & Rules


The name of the Group shall be The Kingsdown Conservation Group (KCG)


The aims of KCG shall be to promote the following objectives:

2. To act as a forum and co-ordinate the views of Kingsdown residents about issues and concerns affecting the village

3. To encourage the wise conservation, enhancement and improvement of Kingsdown.

KCG will pursue these aims and objectives by means of meetings, a website, exhibitions, other forms of publicity, social events and projects agreed by members

Initially, KCG’s activities will be managed by a steering group representing all parts of the village. The steering group shall have powers to raise subscriptions and solicit additional funding to carry out the aims and objectives of KCG and shall keep the membership informed. A committee will be elected at the first AGM.


4. The annual subscription shall be reviewed at the Annual General Meeting. Subscriptions are due on the 1st January each year. Subscriptions for new members joining after the AGM each year are reduced by 50% for the remaining year of membership. From January 2012 onwards, membership will lapse if a subscription is more than three months overdue.

5. Membership shall be open to all who support and encourage the aims of KCG. No member shall have a vote at any meeting of the Group if their subscription is in arrears at the time of the meeting. The committee shall have the right to withdraw membership if that member brings the Group into disrepute or in contravention of its aims and objectives.


6. The Annual General Meeting will be held in July of each year, for which a quorum will consist of twenty members. The agenda will include reports of the committee, examination of the accounts and the election or re-election of members of the committee. Extraordinary General Meetings may be called by the committee or at the request of twenty or more members.

7. The committee will hold as many meetings each year as are necessary to conduct the business of the Group and deal with finance and correspondence. Members will be given a minimum of fourteen days notice of meetings. Any member of the Group may attend ordinary committee meetings but may not vote. A quorum for committee meetings will be three committee members, including the chairman or vice chairman.


8. The officers of KCG will comprise the chairman, vice-chairman, membership secretary, social secretary and treasurer and thus form the executive committee. The committee will comprise the officers and up to a maximum of seven additional members to facilitate job sharing. The officers and additional members will relinquish their appointments each year and be eligible for re-election at the AGM by a majority vote. Nomination papers will be produced by the secretary and submitted to the committee at least fourteen days prior to the AGM for validation. Nominees must be proposed and seconded by two members of the Group. If more than one nomination is received for an appointment, a ballot will be held. In the event of a tied vote a second ballot will be held.

9. The committee may appoint officers and members on a temporary basis before AGMs at which they may be elected. The committee may also appoint up to four co-opted members, whose tasks and objectives must be clearly defined.

10. The committee may form sub-committees and working groups as may be necessary from time to time. Their objectives and modus operandi will be clearly defined. The chairman and secretary of each sub-committee will be required to report regularly to the executive committee. Such sub-committees will be subordinate to and may be regulated or dissolved by the executive committee.


11. Nominees for election as officers or members of the committee shall declare any personal, financial or professional interest or responsibilities known or likely to conflict with the interests of the Group. Any officer or member of the committee who is in any way directly or indirectly interested financially, professionally or by virtue of any office held, in any item discussed at any Group meeting at which he or she is present shall declare such interest and he or she shall not discuss any such item (except by invitation of the chairman) nor vote thereon, or may be asked to leave the meeting for the item.


12. The committee will, out of the Group’s funds, pay all proper expenses of administration and management of the Group and create such reserves as are deemed expedient by the committee and will use the residue of such monies to support the aims and objectives of the Group.


13. The treasurer will maintain proper accounts for the Group Annual accounts for the year ended 30th June each year shall be prepared by the treasurer, and examined by a suitable person who is not a member of the executive committee for presentation at the AGM. Cheques may be signed by the treasurer or by any other specifically authorised member.


14. The constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority of members present at an Annual or an Extraordinary General Meeting, provided that fourteen days’ notice of the proposed amendment has been sent to all members. No amendment shall be approved that commits the expenditure of funds of the Group to any object not within the aims of the Group.


15. In the event of the winding up of the Group, the residual funds of the Group shall be transferred to one or more bodies having objects similar to those of the Group, as may be chosen by the members.

12th October 2010

Amended 28 July 2011