Minutes of the AGM of the Kingsdown Conservation Group
Monday 20th July 2015, at 7.30 pm The Kings Head, Kingsdown

Welcome to the fifth Annual general meeting of the Kingsdown Conservation Group.

1. Apologies for absencefrom our District Councillor Sue Le Chevalier, Joe and Jenny Wall, Jane Banks, Julian Dalrymple, Roma Blissenden, Alan and Aleisha McKechnie, Ron Broadley and David Bucknell

2. Annual Report by the Chairman Philip Evemy read his report, which is to be posted on the KCG website.

3. Treasurer's Statement of Account David Harding took various questions on the accounts.

4. Election of committee for 2015/16 Committee members willing to stand for re-election are:

Philip Evemy (Chairman) 
Barbara Hansom (Secretary)
Peter Cross (Membership)

Jim Clugsden (Research and IT) 
Helen Evemy (Planning)

All the above were elected to their respective posts on a show of hands.

Simon Longland was nominated as Treasurer, his election was confirmed on a show of hands.

The Chairman’s Annual Report thanked all the retiring committee members.

5. Members' questions and suggestions

Helen Williams discussed the re-utilisation of the groynes, as benches at bus stops, for the beach, planters, simple play equipment, play boat, etc. A suggestion from the floor was to construct a set of stocks for the village. Helen Williams to form a group to receive suggestions, people to write via the website, she has contacts in DDC, and will collate the e mail addresses of interested people.

There was a request from the floor that if we have another bulb planting, they be of the indigenous variety.

6. Character Appraisal

Congratulations to Helen Evemy on her work in the preparation of the Kingsdown Conservation Area Character Appraisal and the liason with DDC over the Article 4 Direction recommended in the Character Appraisal. This will be considered by the DDC Cabinet in September and if accepted will go to consultation.

7. The meeting closed at 8.00 pm.