FINANCIAL REPORT  Financial year 2017/2018
Membership Subscriptions £1,240.00
Proceeds from Talks £669.00
KCC contribution to Kingsdown to Ringwould Footpath  £400.00
Total Income £2,309.00
Talks £663.86
AGM 2016/7 £158.45
Green Ideas Competition £175.00
Contribution Garage Safari £41.90
Hanging baskets & Bulb planting £143.28
Other expenses
Printing  & Stationary £134.79
Insurance £84.00
Subscription Kent wildlife £50.00
Website software support £40.99
Village hall rental £36.00
Total Expendature £1,528.27
Balance (Credit) £780.73
1) A reserve of £800 is allocated to the upgrade and re launch of the Kingsdown to Ringwold footpath.
2) As we do not currently have a treasurer this report has not been reconciled to our accounts
3) We changed banks in 2016 from Barclays to NatWest. Currently Barclays are processing all standing orders in favour of KCG and transferring them to NatWest. We need to determine the future of this arrangement andmay well be asking members paying STO's to Barclays to re enstate their Standing Order with Natwest