Have you ever wondered what it felt like living in Kingsdown in the Thirties?    Or what happened to the village during the War, as it stood facing the Germans across the Channel?   When was mains water and electricity installed here, and how did everyone manage before?   What sort of shops and schools were there?   When were all the new houses built?1 memories cd4

All these questions, and many others, are answered in a CD called Memories of Kingsdown, specially produced for KCG by David Harding in 2015.   Some of our oldest residents (two or three no longer with us) offer first-hand reminisces of the days gone by.   It’s nostalgic, yes, but it’s also historic.   And it’s evocative, vivid and fascinating.

Everyone who loves our village is sure to want a copy.  They can be obtained at any of the shops in Upper Street, price £10.   For those living further away who still recall halcyon days by the sea, with the sun shining on France on the horizon, can order a copy by contacting us either by post or e-mail.

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Kingsdown Memories CD
[ Sample 1] Alan Doyle – Butcher, Upper Street, Kingsdown.

Kingsdown Memories CD [ Sample 2 ]   Jim & Marianne Stacey from Hardicot Guest House, Kingsdown.

Post:   Kingsdown Conservation Group,  Hardicott House, Kingsdown Road, Walmer, CT14 8AW