"I am getting in touch regarding a spate of fires and vandalism occurring in Kingsdown Wood and was hoping your group could help. 

A colleague has just contacted me and told me that two of the ancient field maples have been chopped down, probably last night, we had another similar incident in November last year.  On the 22 and 24 April we had two incidences of fires, probably the same group of young men.  With these incidents it was reported that they had axes and bowsaws and I suspect it is the same group of people.
Our ask of KCG and its members is for people to remain vigilant and if they see anything occurring that shouldn’t be, then to log it with the police and obtain a crime reference.  I am happy for you to put my email contact in your bulletin and for people to forward me any details.  However it is important to get a crime reference as it is only with a gathering of this sort of thing that the police will respond in a timely manner in future.  It is especially good if they are coming from different members of public and not just from the NT.
I hope with our combined effort we can halt this before it gets out of hand.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch
Kind regards, Rob
Robert Sonnen
National Trust
Lead Ranger
White Cliffs & Winchelsea Portfolio
1 Centenary Cottage, Langdon Cliffs, Upper Road, Dover, Kent. CT16 1HJ
01304 200006
07771 976614"