Local environmentalists, Adrian and Sue Sullivan are giving away free trees this autumn to people who have a space to plant a tree or trees.
These trees are native species which are also good for wildlife as well as taking up CO2. They are small, year-old specimens, which are easier to get going and give a reliable tree in a few years.
Species available are:
Guelder Rose
Field Maple
Bird Cherry
Wild Crab Apple
To order a tree, just write to mentioning KCG and say what you would like. Adrian will let you know when the trees ready. Give the planet a present this Christmas and Plant a Tree!
Adrian & Sue opened their garden this summer and raised the money for trees from refreshments. They have also planted a grove of trees in Scotland, called the garden of England Grove, to which you can donate if you are short of space. For £6 you can plant a tree and ensure it is looked after too.