Kent Wildlife Trust The Kent Wildlife Trust are a leading conservation charity in Kent and Medway, established in 1958. They have over 61 nature reserves covering 3,000 hectares as well as 55 miles of roadside nature reserves. With over 31,000 members and 1,000 volunteers supporting our vital work for wildlife.

The work of the Trust involves protecting, enhancing and restoring wildlife by working with individuals and organisations across Kent and Medway to halt and reverse biodiversity decline on land and in the sea.

Recently, the Trust has:

  • Campaigned for the establishment of Marine Conservation Zones, in which marine wildlife is protected from damaging operations and allowed to start recovering in order to provide a core from which the sea’s biodiversity can be replenished.
  • Worked with local councils and businesses to ensure development takes place in a way which does not harm wildlife, seeking positive gain for wildlife whenever possible.
  • Campaigned for a white paper on the natural environment, setting out an ambitious new direction for nature conservation.
  • Advised the owners of many areas of land, including Local Wildlife Sites, on how to manage their land for wildlife.
  • Encouraged communities to protect and enjoy wildlife in their local area.

The report (download the PDF), has just been produced by the Kent Biodiversity Partnership. It shows some of the sucesses but also a lot of concerns about Kent's wildlife and how it is decling.

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